SPC - Reasons for Containment




StreunerProContainment is our action project for intelligent infection protection in times of pandemic!

We promote
sustainable measures for infection protection in the field of education

We make a strong commitment to
smart and well-thought-out general measures to contain the pandemic

We appeal to
those responsible in politics and public authorities,
to fulfil their duty of care,
to protect the entire population,
to maintain the quality of life,
to protect the economy!

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In fact, functioning containment is possible and in many countries this is currently being neglected!


From our point of view, none of the scientists and politicians who are currently leading the way in Germany and Europe seem to be among the people who give the highest priority to the health integrity of our population (and, above all, to the health of children). This would be possible with actually functioning containment!

In the discussions on appropriate measures to combat the pandemic, we are missing the concepts of Zerocovid and Containment. A concept like this was proposed, for example, in the spring by the Helmholtz Society & Leopoldina, among others. Another concept like this is promoted by



Importance of the right testing strategy


The topic of "testing" plays an important role in the containment of the pandemic. The scientist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim gives in her info-video "Corona im Herbst | Ändern Schnelltests alles?" (only in German) a very good overview of the current situation and the importance of containment and of the right "testing" strategy. She also explains why the "rapid tests" that have been developed can be a very promising solution here. Corresponding information in English can be found for example at the website, which is promoting a transnational consensus on a suitable pandemic testing strategy. “Rapid Tests Deutschland” was set up in cooperation with the US colleagues, who set up