StreunerProContainment is our action project for intelligent infection protection in times of pandemic!

We promote
sustainable measures for infection protection in the field of education

We make a strong commitment to
smart and well-thought-out general measures to contain the pandemic

We appeal to
those responsible in politics and public authorities,
to fulfil their duty of care,
to protect the entire population,
to maintain the quality of life,
to protect the economy!

!!! We are looking forward to your your help: Please contact us if you know an educational establishment in Germany, which is affected by a case of COVID-19 and is not included in the map shown below (if possible with proof by public source (e.g. newspaper articles)) !!!

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As part of our action project StreunerProContainment, we network with other volunteers who are committed to the goals listed above.

Below we show, for example, the Corona map, which was launched by the Hamburg teacher with the Twitter account @thinktank (
She creates a valuable overview of COVID-19 cases at educational institutions in this map (press information see also: Presseartikel)

A contact to inform her about missing entries in this card is possible, for example, either directly via Twitter by a message to the account of the map creator (@thinktank), here on our website via the SPC-Kontaktformular or by e-mail to our e-mail address info(at)

Please note: Due to technical problems, because there are too many entries in the map, the map is currently offline here, please follow the link to the twitter account (@thinktank) to view the Map
(Source: Twitter @thinktank)

This map collects press articles reporting cases of Covid-19 in schools or daycare centres.

Criterion: infected person must have been in school/kita.


Light blue: School

Dark blue: outbreak at school (2 or more infected)

Red: Kita

Light red: outbreak at daycare (2 or more cases)

S: Secondary infection (Second press release, with re-case on set-up)