Bergische Naturidylle


The Bergische Land - extensive and undisturbed nature reserves next to urban and cultural highlights & exciting sights


All over the Bergisches Land Nature Park, visitors can discover a lovely and also very varied mid-mountain landscape. The extensive forest areas consist mainly of beautiful mixed forest stands that are protected by nature. Here undisturbed hikes are possible, on a total of more than 4 000 km of marked hiking trails. In addition, the region is ideal for countless other relaxing and sporty outdoor activities, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Wipperkotten is a few kilometres away
downstream of the Glüder Valley.

The hilly landscape offers a new, idyllic scene behind every path or after every road bend. Wild valleys with clear rivers or streams alternate with mid-mountain peaks, which often allow the view of one of the blue-shimmering lakes of a river dam. Excursion guests admire the typical characteristics of the Bergische half-timbered villages and enjoy the special features of the local cuisine. These include popular local spirit drinks or the "Bergische Kaffeetafel" with its sweet waffles and savoury treats.

Despite the natural tourist focus of the region, there is the possibility to visit a large number of easily accessible urban and cultural highlights, for example in the popular big cities and metropolises Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leverkusen, Solingen or Wuppertal. But also exciting excursions on site, into the regional history in the numerous museums and historical buildings, such as imposing castles or churches, reveal the high significance of the region in the past. The name of the region is not the landscape with its many mountains ("berg" also means "mountain" in German), but the last name of the mighty County of Berg (from 1380 Duchy), which in the High and Late Middle Ages belonged to the most important right-rhine regions of the Roman-German Empire. But the region has also gained great importance in recent history: Driven by the water wheels along the countless creeks and larger rivers, one of the starting points of industrialization can be found here, which around 1900 redesigned Europe and the whole world.


The beautiful Wupper Valley near Solingen-Glüder


My nature-tourist offers were especially aimed at promoting the extraordinary beauty of nature and landscape here on site. Many people are surprised at the natural resources and tourist attractions that the Bergisches Land has to offer in this region.

On one of the countless beautiful hiking trails
near the Sengbach dam of this small river

Especially the valley of the Wupper near Solingen is a small hitherto quite unknown natural idyll. In particular, the nature and landscape conservation areas near Solingen-Glüder are an insider tip for nature lovers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and hiking enthusiasts.

On both sides of the valley of the river Wupper there is only one way down to Glüder. Coming from Solingen or Leichlingen, the road winds its way through the forest into the valley. The visitor gradually enters a very own, enchanting world, away from the urban life of our hectic modern times.

The network of paths from Glüder leads to large, car-free protected areas and offers the opportunity for recreation and regeneration away from road noise, in the middle of nature.
There are countless kilometres of beautiful walking or hiking trails of very different requirements, horseback riding trails and mountain bike trails.

There are also trails for more ambitious hikers, which reward with many beautiful views over the Bergische Land and the valley of the Wupper.

But the valley has a lot to offer not only highly active and sporty visitors. In incomparably good air of the extensive forests around the valley of the Wupper many undisturbed places are inviting to linger, and relax; - for example near the river banks of the Wupper or at one of the countless smaller creeks of the valley or in the wilderness of the forests of the nature reserves. Here, too, there is the possibility for small children in many places to splash in the water or to exuberantly romp around without worrying about road traffic.


Attractions and refreshments in Solingen-Glüder

Glüder is located directly on the Wupper
with its many idyllic bays

In Glüder there is a well-equipped forest campsite with parcels for caravans, campers or tents. The campsite has a restaurant and a large playground. A regular programme of events provides good entertainment for "big and small".

In addition to the campsite, there are attractive guesthouses, hotels and other accommodation options from different price segments in the local surroundings of the Glüder Valley. Directly near Glüder, for example, is the Waldhaus Pfaffenberg, which is particularly suitable for family holidays or for small groups. The Waldhaus Strohn and the Waldschule Solingen offer accommodation that is particularly suitable for youth groups and school classes.

Directly opposite the campsite there is a mini golf course, which is definitely worth a visit. Attached is the Glüder grill, with savoury food, ice cream and coffee offerings. On request there is also a catering service and even special features, such as the "Bergische Kaffeetafel".

Also close to the forest camping in Glüder is the Balkhauser Kotten with the Grinder Museum, a Kotten shop and a high-quality programme of events.

Also inviting is the snack of the animal shelter Solingen, which is located about 15 minutes walk up the Wupper from the forest camping. The snack bar is open on weekends and holidays from 11-17 and offers coffee and cakes, sausages and/or stew with a weekly changing daily menu.

The nearby Biohof Gut Hohenscheid offers a wide range of organic certified foods in its farm shop, a large part from its own production. The shop also has a small café with organically certified coffee specialities and cakes. In addition, the Bio-Hof also offers a natural history education programme for children. Among other things, there are nature and work courses and a farm playgroup, where a day on the farm is arranged in a child-friendly way and in pedagogical supervision.

Classic view