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- please note: From September 2019, I will suspend my commercial activities for further education and study. -


Insights about my professional life




Subsequently to completing my studies, I worked as a trained biologist and pedagogue in the research area. After different jobs in the research area and IT Sector, I had the opportunity to fulfill a professional dream with my small, extraordinary company.

In autumn 2016, I founded a dog service with a unique concept in Solingen in the middle of the extensive nature reserves nearby the Wupper.

In addition to a small mobile dog daycare (HuTa) at Hund&Eule - Schäferwagen I sold Natural and organic products for dogs and operated a dog ice cream palor with sustainably produced dog ice cream. In addition, I had a Gassi Service for certain urban areas in Solingen and Leverkusen.

At www.bergische-waldstreuner.de I set up a small, regional leisure portal in which I could, among other things, introduce myself and my co-operation partners. In this context, I was also active in the field of nature tourism. My programme of events included a guided tour along the Wupper with information on local history and ecology and several hikes with a nature and experience pedagogical concept.

The Hund&Eule - Schäferwagen served as accommodation for my dog day care, as a starting point for my tours and as an information and sales room during my market and event participations. The main stand of the shepherd's car was located in Solingen-Glüder.

With my shepherd's car, the dog ice cream parlour and my sales and information stands, I regularly participated in regional and supra-regional events focusing on dog and human welfare, nature conservation, animal welfare, sustainability and natural history education.

Especially at spring and summer events, my mobile dog ice cream palor was very popular and often one of the highlights of the event.

My entire concept was aimed at rousing interest in nature and promoting its appreciation, following on from the very original relationship between man, dog and wolf.

In addition to my commercial activities, I volunteered in the field of nature and animal welfare, cooperated with the local animal welfare associations and made close contact with the local NABU group.

Since September 2019, I have interrupted my commercial activity for further education and study. At the moment, in addition to my further education, I am mainly involved in voluntary work and I am also working on freelance projects in the field of education and journalism.

See you soon and very kind greetings!


Bettina Siller
Rennbaumstraße 89
51379 Leverkusen
Tel: 0212-65009590
Mobil: 0151-58816285
E-Mail: info@bergische-waldstreuner.de

You can also find my Facebook pages at:
Hund&Eule - Bettina Siller unter Facebook








J. Crummenerl: Tierische Tagesstätte in Solingen-Glüder - Hier wäre man auch mal gerne Hund (externer Link, hier auch als pdf)



Artikel von Martina Hörle im Solingenmagazin, dem City-Blog der Klingenstadt Solingen: Solingerin des Monats September: Biologin Bettina Siller (externer Link, hier auch als pdf)

Herbst / Winter 2017 / 2018


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Artikel von Martina Hörle im Solingenmagazin, dem City-Blog der Klingenstadt Solingen: Hund & Eule – ein Waldkindergarten zum Wohlfühlen (externer Link, hier auch als pdf)



Artikel von Martina Hörle im Solingenmagazin, dem City-Blog der Klingenstadt Solingen: Rund um den Hund beim Tieraktionstag im Coppelpark (externer Link, hier auch als pdf)


Fernsehbericht über meinen Betrieb in der WDR Lokalzeit Bergisches Land (siehe unter Hundebetreuung)


Zeitungsartikel von Deborah Hohmann in der Rheinischen Post über die Eröffnung meines Hunde-Waldkindergartens (externer Link, hier auch als pdf)


Qualifications and memberships


1. selection of my qualifications


completed studies:

  • Completed studies of biology with state examination for the teaching position at the Gymnasium (Biology / German) - Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, 48149 Münster
  • Completed Dogwalker training with Anne Rosengrün in Nuremberg (tested cumcane® trainer, recognized speaker of the IBH) Sannys Hundeservice, 90489 Nuremberg, among others the modules "Learning Theory and Basics", "Body Language of the Dog", "Anxiety and Aggression Behavior", "Working with and in the Dog Group", "The Tool Case" (each module approx. 8 Webinare)


  • Course Commercial dog keeping / expertise in accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act - OWL - Academy, 33803 Steinhagen
  • Course Animal Transport Dog and Cat Dogs Academy OWL, 33803 Steinhagen
  • Certificate of expertise of the Veterinary Office (Sections 3 and 10 of the National Dog Act) for the supervision of dogs subject to authorisation (large, dangerous and dogs of certain breeds) (Bergisches Veterinary and Food Surveillance Office, 42651 Solingen)

2. Special approvals and commercial applications (these were valid until the company deregistration in September 2019)

  • Permission of the operation of the dog day care centre at the dog&owl - shepherd's trolley pursuant to Section 11 (1) Animal Welfare Act by the Bergische Veterinary and Food Surveillance Office
  • Authorisation for the sale of dog ice cream: Registration in accordance with Article 23 of Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 (registered trader (raw pet food – PETR, processed pet food - PETP) ) by the Bergische Veterinary and Food Surveillance Office
  • Travel trade: in addition to my "standing trade" I also had a travel trade card (City of Leverkusen)
  • registered travel agency (mediation and organisation of travel) (City of Leverkusen)

3. Memberships

Note: From September 2019, I will start a break regarding my commercial activities for further education and study.

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