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Hundetraining dog competence



The dog training dog competence by Rosina Kersken offers qualified and effective training for people with dogs in Solingen and its surroundings. The advice and training are individually tailored to the needs and problems of the dog-human teams. Our offer starts with advice before buying a puppy or dog. As a mobile dog school, we work where the problems occur (e.g. at home, in the garden, on the usual gassi round, etc.). In specialized courses we lay the foundations for a harmonious coexistence between man and dog. Oriented to the desired training goal, the development and consolidation of a close bond between animal and human is the guiding idea and basis of our training.

We are committed to the high guidelines of the International Trainer Guild Association of Animal Behavior Professionals and reject violence in dog training. Anyone who wants to train dogs and guide people in training needs official approval in Germany. Rosina Kersken has been granted permission in accordance with Section 11 paragraph 1 no. 8 of the Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG) since 2014. Continuous participation in high-quality training courses is a matter of course for us.

Hundetraining dog competence
Hossenhauser Str. 61a
42655 Solingen
Contact: Rosina Kersken
T.: 0212-64541630
E-Mail: info(at)




Solinger Pfoten

Nicole Müller supports her customers in the district of Solingen, Haan and Hilden in the support and training of your four-legged darlings.

Their goal is to provide pet owners with individual solutions that make everyday life easier with their beloved pet.

Nicole Müller
Solinger Pfoten
T.: 0170 / 64 83 21 9




- Organic/food & accessories
- Cute for dogs & cats
- Frozen food / BARF
- Cereal-free and sustainable feed
- Wide selection of snacks / treats for allergy sufferers



Dolmanstr. 18 / Hinterhaus

51427 Bergisch Gladbach - Refrath

(Entrance at the rear house, coming via parking lot -next to "Schuster Bel"!)


opening hours:



closing day













hundewegs - Julia Plannet


Julia Plannet has the following offers:

- a professional, positively working Dogwalker / Gassiservice in Cologne on the left bank of the Rhine
- dog day care and guesthouse with family connection
- a pick-up and drop-off service from home or work (5km around Cologne-Ossendorf)

Main element of Julia's dog care are the group walks: sniffing, searching, racing, but also rest breaks - which all these walks include. She focuses upon good social behaviour of the dogs among themselves and in their environment and a reliable recall signal. In other words, even the practice of necessary basic signals is not neglected.

Julia works with positive reinforcement. This includes enforcing rules for all, but without the use of additional punitive incentives.

Julia Plannet
Peter-Michels-Str. 9
50827 Köln

Hundetraining Hunde Weise



Dogs - Way Modern Ways in Behavioral Therapy

Regine Hochhäusler offers training and individual gassi for dogs in her dog school, which are more demanding on walks and need to be guided competently. She also gives lectures and workshops for both dog owners and colleagues who work with dogs. She works exclusively with positive encouragement and rejects aversive influence on the dog.

Hundetraining Hunde Weise
Regine Hochhäusler
Am Krahnenort 21
41539 Dormagen

Hundeschule Püster



Anja Püster runs a dog school and a Gassi service in Bergheim near Cologne.

In order to achieve training goals, she works in the dog school and with the Gassi dogs via positive reinforcement and clicker training.

Anja Püster
Hundeschule Püster
50129 Bergheim




The healthy "oil change" for your dog.

High-quality oils and oil mixtures. This way, your four-legged friend gets his essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids daily.

Naturally in 100% cold pressed food quality of all seed and coconut oils. Made in Germany.



Kai Jansen
Gräfrather Straße 44
42719 Solingen
T.: 0212 22667084



Fellfreunde e.V.

Logo-FellfreundeEV"Poor dog is poor dog – no matter where it comes from!" – this is the philosophy of Fellfreunde e.V., a colourful troupe of committed animal lovers who work together for animal welfare projects at home and abroad. In our work, we are particularly interested in the care of a private animal shelter in Gyula in one of the poorest regions of Hungary. For the four-legged friends, we are looking for a new home in Germany. On the other hand, we also want to combat the problem of strays in the region in the long term and therefore help directly on the ground.

Paulinenstr. 3
42651 Solingen

contact: Carola Horlemann






active buddy


active-buddy - what does that stand for?

Being active with the most loyal companion connects the majority of all dog owners, mostly only with a regular walk. active-buddy offers opportunities that go beyond that. Whether sleeping, swimming, climbing or hiking - each of these activities connects humans and dogs, but at the same time places different demands on the animal. Experience the products we offer in their variety as well as the possibility of use!



- Solingen

contact: Peter Waclawek
T.: 0162 4086151
E-Mail: p.waclawek(at)




Praxis für Tierphysiotherapie Solingen

Tierphysiotherapie für Hunde:


  •     Osteoarthritis therapy
  •     Aquatraining
  •     Rehab/Physiotherapy
  •     Functional training
  •     Walking training
  •     Laser - magnetic field - leech therapy

In my practice, all paws that need support of any kind in the field of "movement" are welcome.
Whether after an operation or simply for fitness training. But osteoarthritis has a special significance in my practice. In the last 5 years in my profession I have been able to develop a concept for osteoarthritis management, which is quite successful.

Praxis für Tierphysiotherapie Solingen
Bucher Feld 26
42653 Solingen
contact: Nadine Scharpel
T.: 0163/2011054


Wanderreiten Leide

Guided hiking rides in the Bergisches Land. Deceleration on horseback.
Half-day rides and multi-day rides as well as hiking rides in the Bergisches Land, Sauerland, Westerwald and netherlands.
On our friendly hiking horses and mules.
Vouchers, hiking riding school and many motto rides round off our offer!
Info's at:

Wanderreiten Leide UG
Zum Buschtor 3
42799 Leichlingen
contact: Angelika Leide

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