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StreunerProContainment is our action project for intelligent infection protection in times of pandemic!

We promote
sustainable measures for infection protection in the field of education

We make a strong commitment to
smart and well-thought-out general measures to contain the pandemic

We appeal to
those responsible in politics and public authorities,
to fulfil their duty of care,
to protect the entire population,
to maintain the quality of life,
to protect the economy!

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In cooperation with the initiators of (see next section), a multidisciplinary team of scientists proposes a sustainable concept for combating corona in their No-Covid strategy paper. It should make it possible to largely avoid new infections, deaths and further nationwide lockdowns. They propse three key steps: First, a rapid reduction of the number of infections to zero. Second, the establishment of "green zones", which are largely kept free from infection (by means of local mobility controls, tests and quarantines, etc.). Third, an actually working "Test-Trace and Isolate" should be implemented for consistent containment of sporadic occurring new cases and clusters. (More Infomation - only in German: Niklas Keller: "Wir wollen, dass ein Ruck durch die Gesellschaft geht!" - Website of the University of Hamburg) is an international volunteer initiative of over 4,000 scientists, community organizers, caring citizens, which has been active since 29 February 2020. The founding origin is the parent organization, the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI).

The concept of this initiative offers a possible way back to normality. It is about setting up so-called 'green zones'.

A counter-argument against possible successful containment is the statement that we in Europe are all interconnected and that the virus does not stop at borders. Moreover, not all individual countries and regions could simultaneously implement measures to ensure effective containment. In addition, it is always assumed that there is no point in relying on massive containment, as the virus will not be completely eradicated.
zitat-Yaneer_Bar-Yam-GreenZonesThe proposal of solves these problems, since it is based on the fact that it is built-up not "top-down" large-scale, but "bottom-up": Starting from the small level, individual "green zones" are set up, which can then be expanded further and further and can also be combined in further development. A Youtube-Video des Initiators Yaneer Bar-Yam explains this concept in an understandable way. The green zones make it possible to reduce the ocurrence of infection to the greatest possible extent. This is not about completely eradicating the virus, but about enabling a truly functioning test-and-tracing. The test-and-tracing instances work like a fire brigade that is constantly on alert. New cases are detected in the shortest possible time and the totality of possible contagion is tracked as far as possible. This reduces the infection (Containment, ZeroCovid). As a result, everyday life can largely take place in the usual ways. This approach allows all sectors of society to increasingly return to normal trajectories following a relatively short containment and surppression phase. This would also make regular school operations possible and allow the economy to develop again without any worries.
The physicist Matthias F. Schneider (Head of the Department of Medical and Biological Physics at the Tu Dortmund) does research on the dynamics of the spread of viruses and explains, based on the work of Bar-Yam in an article at, why he thinks we can still stop Corona.





A German initiative that is pushing for this topic on Twitter and is delivering valuable information about it, is for example."WellenbrecherJetzt". This is a group of like-minded people who want to make a strong commitment to containment and to protect the entire population, including all age groups and risk or non-risk groups, as everyone has the right to protection from COVID-19.
WellenbrecherJetzt calls, therefore, for "Containing and ZeroCovid as strategy for this pandemic for Germany and Europe with proactive action for the benefit of all!"



Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim


Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim's YouTube info channel (only in German) can be found on YouTube under the title maiLab. In any case, it is recommended for anyone speaking German, who wants to get sound scientific information mediated in an entertaining way. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim has published several high-quality and informative videos on the topic of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. In one of her more recent videos, the scientist discusses "Corona im Herbst | Ändern Schnelltests alles?", why testing plays such an important role in the pandemic containment. In this video she gives a very good overview of the current situation and the importance of containment. She also explains why the "rapid tests" that have been developed in particular can offer a very promising solution here. is another initiative that is active in this area and deserves support in any case: It was created by Alex Beisenherz, Christian Erdmann and Jonas Binding - from the impression that here in Germany (and in many other countries) we are currently wasting an opportunity becaus we ar choosing a suboptimal strategy to contain the pandemic. The website is based on the US-based site, to promote a transnational consensus on a suitable pandemic and testing strategy. “Rapid Tests Deutschland” was set up in cooperation with the US colleagues, who set up