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StreunerProContainment is our action project for intelligent infection protection in times of pandemic!

We promote
sustainable measures for infection protection in the field of education

We make a strong commitment to
smart and well-thought-out general measures to contain the pandemic

We appeal to
those responsible in politics and public authorities,
to fulfil their duty of care,
to protect the entire population,
to maintain the quality of life,
to protect the economy!

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Containment (Eindämmung)


This pandemic control strategy seeks to keep the number of infections permanently low. If the containment is actually carried out to the extent that the lowest possible infection activity is sought, this strategy is in line with the ZeroCovid-concept. This is not the same as 0 infections, but means the lowest possible number of infections. Once the number of cases has been reduced by mitigation measures, they are kept as low as possible by a test-and-tracing system in combination with various other containment measures, such as quarantine rules and travel controls. This allows people to live largely normal lives within the protected areas and the impact on the economy is relatively limited within the protected areas.



Flatten the Curve / Mitigation / Suppression


These measures mean trying to "moderate" the pandemic. The number of people who are infected at a given time is restricted. However, no attempt is made to keep this number as low as possible, at least not permanently. As a result, as many people can end up being infected as without action. At some point, when the number of cases falls, containment measures are moderated or even abolished again. This can lead to a new wave. The whole thing leads to constant ups and downs regarding the measures and restrictions, complete relaxation is never possible, everyday life and all areas of society, including the economy, remain exposed to a permanent strong stressor.
Surpression the pandemic in a kind of well-elaborated way can also mean manage to live with the virus and to live with limitations, if it is well done. This means reduced economic capacity, social distancing and limited number of people possible for meetings and events. With rigorous testing and social distancing, this can mean a stable situation without strict "lockdowns". However, this also means a permanent dance on the edge and the chance is quite hight, that again and again regional "lockdowns" might be necessary, to prevent loosing control. Furthermore it means never really opening up society completely until there is a widely used vaccine. South Korea and Germany are two leading nations on the suppression of Sars-CoV-2.





ZeroCovid is an approach that maximises the (Containment) of infections. While the suppression lives with the virus, the elimination lives without the virus. It means to open completely without restrictions. It means enabling a strong domestic economy and a normal social life. New Zealand is the flagship for elimination without Covid, Taiwan and Vietnam approaching this example. Germany is not New Zealand. We have different geographical and political challenges than an island. A zero-covid plan for us is not about copying New Zealand. We can achieve the same result, but with a different method.


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